From warehousing colour coding labels to what your brand colours represent, colour plays an important role in the everyday business world.

Did you know the colours on our logo represent CMYK? These colours are at the core of the printing industry and important to our brand identity.

Particularly in industries such as food and drink, a label might be integral to how your consumer forms their first impression of your brand; how can you use them to your advantage?


This colour is recognised as being very emotionally intense – representing strength and passion as well as danger. You’ll often find this colour used on fire equipment/labels and stop signs due to its high visibility.


Yellow is often associated with joy and energy and in its brightest form, is designed to grab attention. Hazard labels are a great example of this.


Often having connotations with safety and growth, this colour is often used to indicate safety when advertising pharmaceutical products.


Blue is often used to promote products and services related to cleanliness, water and air. You’re likely to find products like the screen-wash below with an element of blue in their label design.

With thousands of different label colour options in our pantone books to choose from, why not let us help you use colour to your advantage? Call us on 01642 474230 or email

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