Friday 29th June 2018 will go down in the First Choice Labels (FCL) history book, as a day of two halves.

Not only did we celebrate yet another record month, our third of 2018 but we sadly wished a fond farewell to a very valued member of the FCL team, who took early retirement. This was a milestone in the company’s 16 year history.

Janice, one of our fabulous rewinders, decided at the beginning of 2018 that it was time to ‘put her feet’ up and have a well earned rest.

Janice has spent most of her working life in the label industry, joining FCL back in 2015 with a spring in her step and a cheerful disposition always on display. Janice has been an absolute delight to work with and we were all so sorry to see her go and she’ll be missed by the rest of the team.

The pictures show Janice on her last day at FCL, when all her work colleagues contributed to buy her two retirement cakes and some parting gifts. We surprised her in the staff canteen, as she is not fond of being in the limelight, to wish her a very happy retirement and ‘help’ her eat the cakes.

From everyone here at First Choice Labels, we send Janice all our best wishes, good h
ealth and hope she has an amazing retirement ahead of her.