As patrons of Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation,
First Choice Labels have been out delivering £9,000 in cash and toys to the local Salvation Army bases across Teesside.
Each Christmas we make this special donation for the Salvation Army to distribute among Teesside’s most Disadvantaged families and children.
We are only able to do so thanks to generous donations from all of the patrons of Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation – Plus those who raised funds via The Big Teesside Sleepout and CEO Sleepout’s.
Each year First Choice Labels spend time delivering the bags and bags of toys to the Salvation Army in our fleet of vans.

Nigel and Roy delivered to Middlesbrough and Guisborough, while Ben and Emma delivered to Stockton On Tees and Eston.

Ben is a Stockton lad that spent many years with the Salvation Army youth club while growing up. He said “It was fantastic going back to the Stockton branch of the Salvation Army and seeing the place that helped me so much whilst growing up”. Adding “I am absolutely chuffed that I now work for a company that helps out in this way, year after year”.

Our pictures show Nigel with Major Fiona Mugford – Salvation Army Guisborough and Ben & Emma in Stockton and Eston with Major Michael Barker and Minister Naomi Kelly.