As we all know, a car is made up of numerous components and parts, some large and some small – the majority of which will either be labelled or have been at some point.

Within the automotive industry, Odette labels are the sectors standard for labelling. The main purpose of Odette labels is to assist in accurately identifying the goods/products via barcoding.  The label is divided into a number of different fields, which are then divided into two categories, shipping details and part details. These labels can be printed onto adhesive labels and either paper or synthetic substrates depending on its desired application. The standard size is 148mm x 210mm however bespoke sizes are also possible and it’s most suited for thermal printers.

Labels are used on various components of motor vehicles, many of which need to be appropriately labelled for traceability. In fact, some parts will also need labelling for regulatory compliance e.g. car batteries.


As with all labels, it’s essential to ensure that the correct materials and adhesives are used – an example includes components that are under a cars bonnet, these labels need to be resistant to solvents, chemicals and oil-based products in order to ensure they remain intact and readable.

There are many labels that aren’t easily visible as mentioned above, however there are still many labels such as airbag warning labels or the fuel type label displayed on the inside of the fuel cap. Again, it is essential that the correct materials are used as failing to do so can cause some labels to fade if they are exposed to natural sunlight making them illegible or to appear poor quality which in turn would reflect negatively on the car brand.

Automotive labels need to be able to adhere to both smooth and textured surfaces whilst also being able to withstand the impact of high temperatures and chemicals – ensuring it is still possible to communicate the key information through the products life cycle.

Our team is more than happy to provide personalised labelling solutions bespoke to your requirements. We are able to use our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure your labels are produced to an undisputable high standard. We have a vast array of experience in working in conjunction with the automotive industry and have in fact worked with global brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar to name but a few.

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