Labels are critical to any industry, especially in the pharmaceutical sector. Traditionally the labels role is to either identify key information about the product or display vital information, such as dosing instructions, expiration dates and ingredient lists.

It’s crucial that materials and adhesives are carefully considered when producing labels for the pharmaceutical industry due to the sheer importance of the information they contain.  Barcode elements are also of huge importance within the industry as it adds the additional elements of traceability and accountability – which is obviously crucial due to the nature of the products.

An example includes Xylene resistant labels which are often used in laboratories and hospitals; this form of label has been specifically designed to withstand the strong chemicals and rigorous procedures that are used within this particular environment.

A further example includes tamper proof labels which are also known as void labels – these provide the pharmaceutical industry with piece of mind knowing when a product e.g. tablet bottle has been opened/tampered with. This provides additional security to consumers, knowing that they can trust the contents.

It’s therefore no surprise that in order to ensure label manufacturers operate in the correct approach (including various quality checks and inspections) quality standards exist. PS 9000:2016 is an application standard developed by the PQG with IPAC-RS to define specific requirements and guidance for good manufacturing practice relating to the packaging materials for medicinal products. This guidance was later updated and revised in July 2016 and is aligned with the structure of ISO 9001:2015.

We have held both the ISO9001:2015 and BRC/IoP since 2004 and have also completed a successful assessment to the prestigious PS: 9001 pharmaceutical standards. These successful assessments allow us to work with organisations such as the NHS, Ministry of Defence and various pharmaceutical companies.

With a reputation built on quality and craftsmanship, we are able to guide customers through the process of the best materials, adhesives and printing techniques to use – whether you require plain labels, printed labels or colour washed labels. Our numerous years of experience within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry have resulted in us producing various labels, including, xylene resistant labels, blood bag labels, syringe labels, void labels (tamper proof labels), bottle labels, cryogenic labels and frangible labels to name but a few.

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