You can’t go through a day without coming across a self-adhesive label, whether you realise it or not. Interestingly, you’ll have most likely come across a self-adhesive label First Choice Labels has produced. But why are labels so important? Why is this aspect of packaging on the rise?

Wide Range of Functionalities

Self-adhesive labels can be used for a wide variety of functionalities. One of the most common forms is postage labels, including the all-important prepaid return label for when the shirt doesn’t look the same on you as it did on the model! All joking aside, with a continued increase in online shopping, there is no wonder why the use of self-adhesive postage labels is on the rise.

The list of functionalities for self-adhesive labels is endless. Product labels help to express the image of your product by enhancing and advertising your product like no other. Safety & regulation labels are required by law and you will find them on everything from your TV to the car you drive. Transport labels are critical for the smooth delivery of all products and nutritional labels show you important information on most food items. Whichever way you look at it self-adhesive labels are integral to modern life. 


Self-adhesive labels are versatile, whether you use plain, printed or colour washed labels. Labels can be created to remain plain for handwritten details, bright colours to be used as a way of easily identifying stock etc or they can be pre-printed with information – both imagery and text. It is also worth noting that labels can be manufactured in any shape or size and various adhesives.

Providing the correct materials and adhesives have been used, self-adhesive labels are extremely durable and can withstand both high and low temperatures. The use of different materials and adhesives also means that the information contained on a label can be protected from other environmental factors such as moisture, contaminants, surface tension.

Cost Effective

Purchasing self-adhesive labels in bulk can save your business a significant amount of money in comparison to printing them yourself. Organisations such as First Choice Labels operate state of the art label presses that work extremely efficiently reducing both labour costs and wastage of raw materials.


Our team is more than happy to provide personalised labelling solutions bespoke to your requirements. We use our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure your labels are produced to an undisputable high standard. Whether you’re in the automotive, chemical, food and beverage, commercial & industrial industry, we are the first choice for manufacturing the highest quality self-adhesive labels.

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