While food product labels help an organisation advertise their product and emphasise their brands image; there are a number of legal requirements they must adhere to. Whether it’s a list of ingredients, the nutritional value or the use by/best before date, the information needs to be clear and visible.

Consumers may have food allergies, be vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or merely being more health conscious. Therefore, full transparency is essential when it comes to ingredient lists on food packaging.

In recent years, there have been a number of tragic instances involving food allergies and incorrect/inadequate labelling of food products which could have been avoided had the correct information been present.

The rise of diagnosed food allergies has continued to increase in recent years, in fact it’s estimated that 7% of children in the United Kingdom now suffer form from a food allergy with some of the most common being milk, eggs, peanut, gluten, nuts, sesame, fish and shellfish.

Sadly, there currently isn’t a cure for food allergy and managing the condition solely relies on avoiding the relevant foods/ingredients, highlighting the importance of clear and accurate labelling.

Due to the invaluable nature of the food product labels, the material and adhesive used is extremely important especially when product storage requirements are considered. For instance, if a product is to be stored in either a refrigerator or freezer, the temperature and presence of moisture will affect the type of material and adhesive used.

Evidently, food labels aren’t just to make a product look more appealing but also contain vital information, demonstrating the importance of self adhesive labels.

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