Custom printed labels are used by our clients to entice potential consumers into buying their product and create loyalty to a brand; quality and consistency need to be paramount.

Picture your favourite bottle of ketchup – did you imagine the label first?

Here at First Choice Labels we ensure the labels we manufacture leave a positive, long lasting impression on the consumer.

We can cater for your requirements whether you are looking for 500 labels or 50 million.

First Choice Labels have held both ISO9001 and BRC/IoP accreditations since 2004 and have completed a successful assessment to the prestigious PS:9001 Pharmaceutical standard.

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What are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct Thermal Labels are commonly used as shipping labels, box end labels and picking/packing labels.

The construction of Direct Thermal material has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed on the label as heat is applied direct from the print head.

This eliminates the need for a thermal transfer ribbon which makes for easier use, resulting in a lower cost per label. Direct thermal labels are generally used for short shelf life products and are not recommended for demanding conditions.

What are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal Transfer covers a wide variety of materials everything from paper to synthetic alongside longer life, greater quality and durability than direct thermal labels.

Generally used for product identification, laboratory specimens, outdoor and even cold storage

The use of Thermal Transfer Labels and Printer Ribbons uses less heat to transfer a printed image than Direct Thermal, giving you the ability to select a vast array of materials to work with.