On Tuesday 24th September our Marketing Manager, Emily took to the road and visited Botton Hall Village, part of the Camphill Village Trust movement.

The movement itself was founded in 1939 by Austrian Doctor, Karl König with a group of young helpers. König had significant experience in working with children with a learning disability within a residential setting.

In 1955 after parental requests, the first adult provision was established by the Camphill movement – Botton Village was born.

60 years on it is home for almost one hundred learning disabled adults and further villages and communities have also been established.

During Emily’s visit, she was taken on a tour of the village, from the farms and their cattle to the woodwork workshops, creamery, and shops – and that’s just the start.

The people who live in this community are given a life of opportunity – one of Camphill’s main values. Their mission is to empower the people they support to help them lead more connected, fulfilled lives and make informed life choices.

One thing that really stuck out during Emily’s visit was not only the happiness of the people who live in Botton Village but their passion for what they do. This, paired with the clear drive and passion of those who work within the village, makes it a place that there’s no doubt makes a difference.

To find out more about Botton Village, visit the Camphill Village Trust website.

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