Barcode Verifier

A common misconception is barcode readers and barcode verifiers are one of a kind, this is NOT the case.

Barcode Verifiers are used to ensure the barcodes you print are of high quality and compliant to your symbology specifications.

Upon verifying, the barcode is scanned and analysed for its integrity/readability a hundred times to produce an “average” score. You are then able to print a detailed report about the print and read quality of the barcode set out by ANSI and ISO specifications.

Barcode Verifiers are a fundamental requirement if you are printing barcodes and do not wish to have your stock returned because the barcodes are not within the symbology specifications and fail to read.

All major supermarkets and online retailers require you to have a barcode verifier if you are supplying in volume. They may also check this during routine site audits.

First Choice Labels can supply a range of Barcode verifiers to suit most budgets.

All of the verifiers we supply are supermarket approved / recommended and will read to the level you require.

We are available 7 days a week to discuss your particular requirements. I am sure that we will have the correct product to suit your requirements and a price to suit your budget please call us on 01642 474 230.