Barcode Scanners

Whilst Barcodes become more popular across a multitude of industries, there is not much information about how and who actually use them.

In retail barcode scanners are used along side a POS system, upon being scanned by the POS system, it recalls item information such as price, product code and description in seconds so the cashier can scan the next product.

In the vast majority of instances this will not be the first time that a barcode on the product has been scanned. It is often scanned at point of despatch, several times during the journey and then at the Goods Inward department of the final destination.

Although the number/barcode you see on a daily basis looks straight forward. In reality as you can see there is a lot happening in the background to ensure your time at the till is limited.

In the NHS a barcode scanner recalls information such as patient ID, Name, Current Ward and your full medical history.


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First Choice Labels supply Barcode Readers and Data Collection Devices for every part of the process. From fixed head scanners for use on conveyor lines to hand held, portable devices for use in the field.

Unlike other suppliers we offer the technical expertise required to implement a “hassle free” installation and long term solution.

We can also offer RFID solutions and RF communications.

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